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Wiesbaden to Lutz

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Today started off as a lovely ride. We found ourselves on a ferry boat, riding through the hills, seeing more castles and enjoying Germany.

However, things took quite a turn. As we were going down a 2 lane highway the back wheel of the motorcycle fell off. Yes, you read that right. The back wheel of the motorcycle fell off. We were extremely blessed because right as the wheel was coming off, a young woman was about to try to pass us and we swerved into the passing lane. There were only inches between us. It was beyond scary. Thankfully Adam had purchased an ADAC membership, the German equivalent to AAA, which is an absolute must over here. We called them and they lent us a hand. We took the bike to a shop called Motorradaport Schmitt, and they were amazing. They took parts from their own bikes to fix ours and also took us to a lovely motorcycle friendly hotel called Sonnenblick. We had a lovely night drinking Mosel wine, meeting all kinds of interesting folks and trying to shake off the day. Here are a few photos.

Our alien outfits, ready to go!

Picnic lunching

Seeing the sights from a sidecar

St Goarshausen along the Mosel River

The views here are absolutely stunning!

When the wheel came off the back off the bike, before the rain started.

We ❤️ seeing this sign!

Our lovely biker friendly hotel

Tomorrow we will head south.

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