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About Sassqueen


The mission at Sassqueen Ceramics is to create beautiful things that will enhance your every day life. In a world where everything has to be perfect, I embrace the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi teaches us to embrace the imperfections in life, in ourselves and in art. Living with this philosophy we can see the beauty in what we make and the beauty in who we are, flaws and all. 

I have been throwing pots since 1987 and in that time the clay has shaped me much more than I have shaped it. It has been my constant companion and my journal, writing on the bottoms of my pieces has detailed my moves from coast to coast and introduced me to most of my closest friends. Using handmade pieces in my everyday life brings me extreme joy.

 SassQueen Ceramics is an extension of my heart. Each piece is unique, and no two pieces are ever exactly alike. They are all made in the Blue Ridge Mountains with love. I hope you will enjoy my work, use it in your daily life and live every day like it's a holiday! 

Traveling, finding inspiration and meeting people from all over the world is another huge passion of mine. To read about my adventures/misadventures, please visit the blog.

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