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Coming Home to the Mountains

Updated: Feb 13

There are some things you can't make up.

5 bears in your house.

7 small earthquakes shaking the well and leaving you with red water.

A mama bear killing all of your chickens.

I think I am ready to head back overseas.

Below is my sweet Venus. She was something. She loved to sit in my lap and talked to me all of the time. May she, Coco, and Billy Jean all rest in peace. I loved those little chickens like they were my babies. To see one hanging from a bears mouth about undid me, and I lost my voice screaming. I try to remember that it is Mother Nature and they were here first. It is still heartbreaking.

I was told that if one looks at the death of my sweet hens like a National Geographic documentary about chickens and they were eaten by a predator, you would be horrified. However, if you are looking at a documentary about a mama bear who is starving and and finds 3 chickens to feed her 4 babies, you would be so happy. I am trying to look at it from that vantage point. Especially when the baby bears are this cute.

2 of the 4 babies that were in our kitchen with their Mama!

It is never dull in the Blue Ridge Moutains!

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