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The Vecht

The Vecht River is stunning and filled with country estates from the 17th and 18th centuries, plus many new modern new river boat style homes. We visited Breukelen, Muiden and Weesp along the Vecht which is also a part of the Rhine. To see these breathtaking homes up close from the water was pretty amazing.

The lawn parties you could have here!

They each look like the cover of a magazine!

This is a modern houseboat that I loved.

The stories this gorgeous lady could tell. I can only imagine.

Every time we get to a bridge we have to call or wait for the bridge to open.

Open Sesame!

I think the statistic is 1 out of 4 families have a boat in the Netherlands. They love bikes and boats.

I just love this one.

The Vecht is not to be missed. You see the beautiful homes, the houseboats and it is also connects with the Amsterdam/Rhine Canal that will take you right to Amsterdam, which is filled with HUGE tanker ships, massive cruise boats, sailboats and barges the length of a football fields. The water there is quite choppy because of the wakes of the large boats, but it is very exciting to be in such big water!

These cruise ships are like small cities!

Tot ziens! (Good bye in Dutch)

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