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Why are you walking the Camino?

That is a question I find myself asking and answering on a frequent basis.

Most of the answers I hear are ……. Peoples lives are in transition, whether that is losing their job after a few or many years……realizing that all they did was work, and decided to quit and find a new life….thinking of retirement or just changing career paths- all with the same question, what shall I do next?

The other answer i hear is about relationships. The relationship with ourselves(our bodies and our health) with our lovers, and with our worlds. So many people have talked with me about all of these things and each open honest convesation I have felt privledged to be a part of.

A man working at a church gave me something that said “Every human being needs to make sense of life. To make sense of the “whys” which emerge from the deepest part of each of us. Every human being needs to seek and to find their place in this world. In order to do this we need to set out on the path and one of the privledges we enjoy in Spain and in the world as a whole, is the Pilgrimage to Santiago – a human journey of both searching and finding.”……I think that is what you do when you are here. You seek and find.

Lastly some people tell me that the reason they are here is because they have read books about the pilgrimage or have done this Camino or other Camino’s, many, many times. I think that has been the most amazing part of our trip, is meeting all of the wonderful people that we have. I know I will carry this journey close to my heart for the rest of my days..

We have only 3 stages left before we reach Santiago and go to Finisterre-the end of the earth(what they used to think) and see the ocean.

We will write you from Santiago. Thank you over and over for all of your sweet emails and messages and prayers. They have made us feel so special!

With much, much love, Leigh and Adam xxx

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