The Andaman Sea

Tuk tuk to airplane to tiny airplane to mini-van to high speed motorboat to scooter, and we finally arrived here in Koh Phayam. PARADISE!!! It was a long adventure, but so, so, so, so worth it. Thank you Ina!! We found a little bamboo hut rustic resort, that is so cute, and here we are. Last night I picked the fish I wanted for dinner and they prepared it in limes and Thai spices. One of the best fish I have ever had. In the day we sit on the beach, under the pine trees watching and listening to the waves crash upon the shore, and at night the bugs all sound like a symphony as we have dinner and sleep. THIS is heaven for me….

We may go to one more island before we head home.

Sending heaps of love to our families and sweet friends. XXX

Leigh & Adam



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