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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

After our time in Baden Baden we went to Strasbourg. Strausbourg is something out a fairytale. The timber-framed construction, the rooflines, the delicious wine and fabulous restaurants, it is wonderful! Our journey continued on for a few more stops, but I began to have problems breathing and carrying things. It turns out I had ripped the cartridge between my ribs in the accident. Sadly, the 1 month journey would soon be over. Hopefully one day we can go back and do it again. Maybe by boat instead of motorcycles!

Petite France

We rented a little apartment right in the heart of town and had a wonderful time getting to know the city.

The official cider of Sassqueen Ceramics!

The food is just so good!!!

The city is chiefly known for its sandstone Gothic Cathedral built in 1176 and its famous astronomical clock. We visited this amazing church and decided to climb the 330 stairs to see the view. I almost had to have someone come and get me, as I was frozen with fear at climbing the stairs at such heights, but it was worth it.

The Cathedral at night.

The view on the way up the 330 stairs.

Inside the stairwell, where I thought I might have to stay forever.

Staring into the sun is not a great look, but it is a lovely view of the city from the top of the cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral is beautiful.

We did a little more eating a drinking and decided that we would head down the Route des Vins – the wine route, to taste some lovey Alsatian wines.

Yes, I have already gained 25lbs. And it is so worth it!!

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