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On The Road Again

Knopf Tours B&B

Hotel rooms with your bike parked right outside!

Bike Storage at Knopf Tours- I love the rugs!

This morning we got up and left Heidelberg in the rain, in search of a castle we heard about, that is supposed to be amazing. After 5 solid hours of riding we decided to stay on the Mosel River in a town called Lof.

Gin and Tonic in a can!

Painting of the Hotel Traube

One thing that our long walking journeys and motorcycling have in common, at least for us, is that we don’t plan where we are going to stay. As long as we find somewhere to have a cocktail, a bite of food, and a place to sleep, we are happy. For the most part, it works out quite well. When you are on a bike, there are so many variables ie: weather, the bike, and how you feel that day. It really makes it an exciting adventure!

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