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Oh! What An Adventure!!

Hello!! Sorry for the delay! It has been a very busy few days!!!

After the weather finally cleared, we loaded up the Ural to head out and hit the Trans America Trail. Adam has spent over a month working on and improving the bike. I have to say that my most favorite improvements are the heated seats in the sidecar, the plugs for the electric blanket, my phone and charger, and my new lipstick and map holder. Not to mention my own horn and rearview mirror! So very exciting!!!

We set out and rode on the gorgeous Cherohala Skyway to Tellico Plains TN to hop on the Trans-America Trail. The Cherohala Skyway is absolutely beautiful and if you are ever in the area, a must do.

We arrived in Tellico Plains, had lunch at their lovely Bakery right in the heart of town, got directions to the trail from Mike at Tellico Motorcycle Outfitters , and headed for the trail. To make a very long story short, we passed through the first water crossing, but the second water crossing did us in. It had rained 6 inches 2 days before, and when we went in the bike sank into a hole, froze and stopped…completely. We had to push her out of the water. Just as we were going start to walk back to the main road with all of our gear, Tony and Sue just happened to be looking for a waterfall and found us!! I thanked Heaven over and over! Tony and Adam tried to get the bike going but to no avail. They were so sweet and gave us a ride back into town to see Mike at the Motorcycle Outfitters shop. In less than 10 minutes Mike left his shop, went and got his truck and trailer and spent the next several hours helping us to get the bike out of the mud, onto the trailer, and helped us to find dinner and a place to stay. Mike, thank you soooo much!!! I don’t know what we would have ever done without you! The next morning we had AAA tow the bike back to Nantahala where Adam worked on her for hours and hours and hours! He got her started and on day 3 we set back out for another round of adventure.

We are in Chattanooga to see Ruby Falls and Rock City and then going to head to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg TN on our way to Arkansas. Because we have lost so much time we will have to hit the trail another time.

I love sitting in the sidecar watching the world go by. It really is amazing. What is also amazing is all of the wonderful people you meet traveling. The wonderful people of Tellico, especially Mike and Tony and Sue. I also love meeting folks like the Mother and Daughter who are spending a year together in Chattanooga before they move to South America and Madrid. But what warms my heart and soul the most are all of the people that lend a hand when you really need one.

Much love to you and I will write more soon! Xxx Leigh and Adam










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