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Morning Has Broken

Finding a place to update my little blog has been much harder than i thought it would be. We are now it a little town called fuente de cantos and we have walked 100km. it is really something. i however, have developed tendonitis and i had to take a bus today. it made me very sad, as once you start the walk, it is hard to stop and ride in a car or a bus. i am in such pain though that it was the best thing to do. I can not tell you how amazing this is. we have seen flamemco, climbed church towers, watch the sun come up over castles that were built before and during roman times, climbed mountains, walked through endless cork trees, and live oaks. i have sung “MORNING HAS BROKEN” to a heard of goats and watched them all just stare at me (so much fun). i have laughed as i walked through the rain and felt the hail on the top of my head, and actually cried into a spanish beer, because i have never in my life experienced such pain. i am living something beyond my wildest dreams and hope that my body will let me continue soon. adam is right beside me each step of the way and taking such good care of me. i am truly so blessed.

the first time i heard of this walk i read paulo coelho´s THE PILGRIMAGE, and knew it was something i wanted to one day do. i did not know it would be now, but i have held a special place in my heart for this, i just never knew what it would really be like. this road is unlike anything i have ever done. we have met people from all over the world that have shared their stories in all different languages. the truffle hunter with his dog, the couple from italy that have waked every camino (there are several, including the road to rome) at least once if not twice and are walking today…did i mention that they are in their 70´s? we have met a man who is walking from scotland to the sahara, a man that is walking over 30km each day…. each one along the camino, appreciating the pilgrims and the journey we are all on, if not pilgrims themselves.

i will pick up from where i left off soon, but wanted to share this with you and let you know that adam and i are well, i miss you, love you and will write soon!!

love you,xxx


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