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Yesterday all I did was blog in the morning and read all afternoon. The excitement of the day was the snake chasing the lizard up a tree, right in front of where i was laying, (of course) and everyone came to watch the 2 struggle and eventually watch it eat the lizard and head back up the tree. NOT ME! I jumped up and moved quicker than you can say lickety split!!!! Yes a snake needs to eat, but i see no need to watch or be near….

As we watched the sunset we took a walk down the beach to see our section of this beautiful island. The crabs make the most beautiful designs on the beach in the sand. I had never seen anything like it before.

In the evening we went next door to sip Gin and Tonics and eat grilled shrimp, actually prawns, as they were such big shrimp! At the end of dinner, Adam surprised me with a lantern that you light, make a wish and let it go. It went so high that it actually looked like a golden star amongst all of the beautiful white sparkling stars that you can see here.

Here are a few photos…


#AdamanSea #Thailand

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