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It is done.

The Camino is done and tomorrow we head home. We have been gone for 7 weeks and it has been one of the most amazing journeys of my life. I have to say that I could not have made it without Adam. He has been my rock, my guide, my translator, the team leader and my best friend. Adam made the Camino amazing for me.

We are excited to go home. Me, to look for a new job and begin a new chapter in Atlanta and Adam heads back to write the 3rd season of Archer. Life is so wonderful. There are many photos to share and I may post more from the camera when we get home.

Thank each of you for all of your love, messages and prayers. We can not tell you how much they meant to us.

To all of our pilgrim friends who read this, thank you for making the Camino such an amazing unforgettable experience. You are all so wonderful and we will cherish our memories with you forever. Buen Camino!!

With great gratitude, Leigh and Adam

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