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Hoi An

After leaving the cold of the north and the frenetic of Hanoi we headed to Hoi An, a sweet little tourist town between the river and the beach that is a tropical paradise. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as there is so much history here. It is also the home of hundreds of tailors and cobblers that will make custom clothes and shoes for at a fraction of the price you can get at home. It is just a crap shoot if it will be good quality or not. Lastly, Hoi An is the home of the lantern. There are lanterns everywhere and on the full moon they turn of all the street lights and only light the town with lanterns.

We arrived to 85 degree temp and sunshine which was very exciting to both of us. Cuong suggested we stay at this gorgeous hotel on the river so we did. Absolutely beautiful. It is right on the water and very close to town.

We rode bicycles to the beach($1.00 a day) I learned to drive a scooter, I had 3 dresses made and 2 shirts, ( i had 2 black dresses made by the ladies at Quc Huy and 2 linen shirts and a polka dot strapless dress made my Ahn at Ninety – both really great!!!) bought many lanterns and shipped them home, went to the huge market and saw fresh noodles being made, and ate some bad fish and have been in bed for a full day. Ick. But, there was no better place to feel bad and it all worked out as we could not get on a plane to Luang Prabang yesterday. I had an amazing nurse who took good care of me. My last thought before I share some pictures with you is my love of Coca-Cola. I love how you can be anywhere in the world, even Vietnam, not feel well, have a Coke and start to feel better. I love the consistency of Coke and how it is everywhere. Silly yes, but true.

Hoi An:













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