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Hello again!!!!

Since then we had had 2 more days on the road and now are in El Torro Del Rio. On the walk from Estella here we not only passed our 100km mark but we also passed a free water and wine fountain as we are very close to the Rioja region! It was fantastic. The wine was a bit young, but honestly, where have you ever seen a free wine fountain? I have seen good and bad champagne fountains, a few chocolate fountains, but never a red wine fountain! Thank Heaven for it, because it was the highlight of the day!!! We walked up and down hills in pouring, drenching, cold, cold rain. Absolutely miserable and we did it for 7 hours!!!!!!! I am now in bed with blisters all over my feet about to have a glass of wine from this region and take a nap. Adam is reading and relaxing as well. It is amazing what you appreciate after a day like today!


Now we are in Logrono. After a day of full force cold wind and rain all day, we are finally here. Today it was up and down “3 leg breaking” hills and I almost cried. The wind and the rain was in my face all day. At first it felt so nice. It was a reminder that you are alive, belong to heaven and a reminder that Mother Nature is all powerful. After a few hours i lost my positive mindset and kept thinking how awful this weather is! It was terrible, but the views of the vineyards of Rioja were lovely, not to mention the trees in bloom and all of the little stone shepard huts we saw. A very interesting day. Arriving in Logrono we have found a lovely pension that has hot water, heat and is washing all of our clothes for 4 euro. I could not be happier as I only have one pair of pants (sent the others on as they were too heavy) and am thrilled to have everything clean, clean! Oh what this walk makes you appreciate!!!

After the clothes are done we are going to walk the tapas and Rioja square and try them all. 🙂 yay!!! Will let you know which Rioja is best!!! Xx Much love, Leigh and Adam

Thank you for your love and warm wishes! Xxx to you! If do you have something on your heart that you would like us to think about, hold in our hearts or light a candle for, I will. I am Presbyterian by birth but more than that, I believe in God, love, people and have hope, and faith. I try to love with all my heart every day, as we all do, and would feel honored to say a prayer for you in Santiago. Xxxx

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