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Day 8- Carcassonne to Bram

We left Carcassonne for Bram after breakfast. Today was only 18km but after having 2 days off it felt like 29km. By the time we got to our gorgeous B&B, Domaine Les Magasins, I was spent. The trail along the Canal was really nice today, but the wind really whipped us around! Walking with it in your face all day is more tiring than you would imagine. 

Our hosts were so wonderful! Such style, class and so smart. They were an absolute pleasure and I only wish that we had more time to spend with them. Here are a few photos of our journey today….

Guarding us while we sleep

The lady of the house/hotel

Saying goodbye to a prisoner in Carcassonne

Back on the canal and hiding from the wind

The sun came out!

Our fabulous B&B


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