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Day 7 – Last Day On Motorcycle in Vietnam

After Mr. Rooster woke me up at 3am, I was a little grumpy so the amazing banana pancakes (from the bananas in the yard) with bacon was an exciting sight!

After breakfast, off we went to head back to Hanoi, the dirtiest, most smog filled, exciting city I have ever been to. The thick layer of smog hangs over the city making look like is fixin to rain all the time, but it’s not. I have to say that after spending all the time that we did in the countryside I really prefer it there. Plus you have Hanoi traffic- which is unlike anything I have ever seen!  It is a complete whirlwind for all of the senses.

On our way to Hanoi we went to a chopstick factory which was way cool.  All of the chopsticks are made of bamboo and each one is cut by hand. I started thinking about all of the chopsticks I have thrown out after eating carry-out food, and it made me feel very wasteful. I have had that feeling several times on this trip.

The roads were quite congested and crowded as we got towards Hanoi making the end of the 3 wheeled adventure very bittersweet. I was ready to get off the bike by the time we got to Hanoi but I loved seeing the country this way. I had never done anything lie this before and really loved it. I am designing the perfect sidecar seat that has all the bells and whistles for the next time we take off on an adventure like this!

Our amazing guide, and new friend, Cuong invited us for dinner at his home, which was so lovely.  He has a wonderful family and his wife made a gorgeous meal of Lau, which is a hotpot that you cook meat and vegetables in. The one she made was even better than ones we had before as she used crab for the base of the soup. Can you tell I love the food here??

The 3 wheeled adventure is over and now we head South to find the sunshine….












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