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Day 6

I posted the pictures a few days ago but we have been going so hard that I have not had time to write. As you can see Day 6 was quite an adventure!

We woke up in the muddiest town ever, got our stuff together and went and met Cuong for Phó and a Coke.. So good! And the off to see the Market. We were lucky to be there that day as the Vietnamese market is something else. From beautiful baskets that I am thinking of importing, to piglets, butchered cows and every vegetable imaginable. People walk overnight from the mountains, carrying their goods to be there for the market. Really incredible.

After the market we got on the bikes and headed down the mountain to the river. (I will put a little video up of what the roads were like.) Today was the day that we gave out the last of the Superballs. Both Adam and I were very sad to hand out the last ball as we loved, loved, loved seeing the smiles of all of the mountain children once they got a ball. Little things can mean so much.

Down the mountain we went to lunch and board a boat to take us to our home stay for the evening. While on this boat ride we went through the scariest cave, at least to me.. As if caves aren’t scary enough, caves with thousands of bats up in the ceiling are even MORE scary!!! Someone I know decided to start calling the bats, as they were squawking up a storm. Needless to say I was not happy about that. 🙂

Leaving unbitten and safe we hopped back on the boat and went to the home stay, where Cuong had already brought the bikes. Normally with a 2 wheeler the bikes go right on the boat, but the 3 wheelers are too big.

We arrived at the home stay and had a few beers overlooking the river, and dinner with the family(I could write on and on about the food, the fresh picked tea leaves for green tea and the fresh pummelo which is like a lemon/grapefruit that you eat with chicken flavored salt, but I hate to bore you!

I slept for a very short time as the neighbor’s rooster woke me up at 3am. I had seriously thought about living on a farm till that morning. Nope, not any more. I would be like Zsa Zsa on “Green Acres” anyway….

Love to you!!!

Day 7, last day on the bikes in Vietnam coming soon!

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