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Day 4 – Capestang to Le Somail

We arrived in Le Somail after what seem lke a walk walk that took forever! We started the day with delicious pastries and a short walk through town. Once we reached the canal we were greeted by a few ducks and fed them a little petite d’jonour and off we went. We had a lovely, lovely walk however we ran into a good deal of mud, walked on the wrong side of the canal by accident and had to walk on the highway with huge trucks passing us. Each time one went by, I held my breath and prayed. We finally arrived in Le Somail to find that the season does not open till Friday. We found one B&B that was open, thank heaven. The owner was so lovely and was so good to us!!! When we found out there was not one restaurant open,(there are only 2 in town) she brought us a lovely dinner or wine, cheese, pate and more! In the morning she made us breakfast, 2 sandwiches to take with us and sent us on our way! People are so wonderful. That is what I really love about traveling like this. You meet so many incredible people who have the most interesting stories they are willing to share, and to help when you when you need it.

The mark they put on the sick trees

The fungus that is eating all of the trees

Our lovely little Inn

Dinner from Madam

Our lovely Host!

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