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Day 2 and 3

We are now in Cao Bang (at least that is where I think we are!.) The last 2 days have been amazing!!! We have driven over ROUGH roads, lots of mud, dodged water buffalo, pigs, dogs and chickens in the road. We have waved at countless beautiful, smiling Vietnamese kids. Each one saying Hello! in English and so happy to see us!! Adam has given away lots of superballs- and each time he does the children light up with excitement and appreciation. We have waved to Chinese people across river border, stayed with a beautiful Vietnamese family, slept under mosquito netting, eaten more great food than we should have!! This is such a great adventure!!!!

Riding this bike over these “roads” is tiring work. But not nearly as hard as these tiny smiling ladies work in the fields all day, every day. They are so incredible.

Each time I see a new part of the world I am reminded how blessed we all are….

Sending love to you all!


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