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Day 16 – Mossaic to Lamagistere to Agen

After a lovely breakfast where Christine, our B&B owner, made the bread, the yogurt, and all of the jams, we went to the market to buy bread for our lunch and headed on our way along the canal. Today was an interesting day.

We walked in the wind and the rain, met pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago (our route has intersected the Camino and we have seen several pilgrims), walked along train tracks, had lunch in the rain by 2 nuclear power plants (and all I could think of was acid rain and all I could hear in my head was REM’s “Fall On Me.”) Once we finally arrived in LaMagisterre, there was no place to have a drink, a coffee, or any kind of food. We decided to try and either take a bus, train or taxi to the next town and return the next day to walk. While we were waiting for the taxi we saw this huge bunny rabbit hopping along! Apparently it is the town bunny! I called it the Easter Bunny, of course, and squealed with delight each time we saw it!

A woman named Valerie heard us talking and invited us into her house for an espresso. She has walked the Camino many times and was so lovely. When we got into the taxi we discovered along the drive to Agen that it would be walking all through industrial areas and along busy roads. Our time of lovely canal days are over and we decided once we got to Agen to go have a drink and make an executive decision on what to do next. We did and decided that tomorrow we will take a train to Bordeaux and then see where life takes us from there!

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