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Day 15 – Montauban to Mossaic

We left early in the morning and began our day along the Canal de Lateral. It was a great day of walking, with just the right amount of sunshine. We stopped in a tiny little village and got a couple of sandwiches and some fruit and….support hose for me! Now, I would never think about wearing support hose while you walk, but they work! Your feet feel completely different and I would recommend them to anyone walking a trail like this or the Camino. We finally got to Mossaic and went right to our B&B, which was absolutely lovely. Christine and her husband Michele have completely restored this old house and it is gorgeous. The rooms, the furniture, the yard – everything was done with impeccable taste. They even have a small kitchen for guests to use to cook meals and tonight we cooked the most amazing, simple meal. We have been eating in restaurants for weeks and it is so nice to be able to make your own food with fresh produce!!! So we set out to see the town, see the stunning Abbey, go grocery shopping and came home to our B&B to make an amazing dinner. Another wonderful day on our journey through France!!!!!

The new canal we are now walking

In blloom everywhere

So many bridges on this canal

The canal pilgrims

The little town where we had lunch

A Western Town Resort complete with saloons and all on the canal.

The river under the canal at the aqueduct

I am so fascinated by the construction of these aqueducts!

The nicest boat we have seen and of course it was called the Sassi !


Children’s Easter Parade

Our lovely B&B

Happy Hour!!!!

Gorgeous day!

Farm Fresh!!!!

We got to make our own dunner and it was such a treat!

Bon Appétit!!!!!

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