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Day 10 – Castelnaundry to  Villefranche-Lauragais

Up early and had breakfast with the owner of our little hotel. He could not have been any nicer and offered to give us bikes for the day and also wanted to give us 2 cans of Casoulet! (Unfortunately they were too heavy for the backpack.)

Today was extremely hard on my feet! I think I am breaking them in with these longer walks. Although about mid walk I had to sit for a while, it was a lovely day and I made a new four legged friend! I also saw the new side car we have to get for our next motorcycle adventure, was chased by 2 swans, saw a huge rainbow, helped a couple get their boat straight in one of the locks and almost fell in, and had Chinese food again. So much of this is not really exciting to you, the reader, as it is to someone who is walking for 6 hours a day. It is the small things that make your whole day…a friendly, generous person at the start of your day, a rainbow, a cat, being chased by a swan. Resetting the “what is important button” and remembering to live intentionally and notice the small things doesn’t take a 6 hour walk for 20+ days, but quieting your mind really helps. Gratitude is a wonderful and marvelous thing.

The most amazing sandwiches for later on today!

The rain is coming our way!

Adam being chased by the swans.

The swans coming after me!


Another lovely walk.

My sore, sore feet!

And my new friend!

This is the lock where the Canal begins to go downhill ever so slightly towards the Atlantic.

I love this photo!

Look at how high tech this is!!! Two people can sit in the side car! Who wants to ride with me on the next adventure?!

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