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Day 1 – Sete to Agde

Once we arrived in Sete, we found a little hotel and waited for Adam’s niece to arrive on the train for dinner. We went to a great little seafood restaurant and then raced to get her back on the train. The next day is when the adventure really started. We began our walk to find that we could not go the way it said to go, so we tried an alternate route only to find we had been walking 45 min in the wrong direction. We decided to take a cab to get us out of the wrong area and drop us off at a place along our journey. After let us off we had to walk on the side of the highway, which is never any fun. I wave my arms in the air so that the cars don’t get too close and I am sure everyone thinks I am a nutter! But it works. We walked into a little town on our way to Bouzigues and after making our way to yet another highway we found what we thought to be a shortcut!!! But we were wrong. We ended up marsh area, unable to cross the water and had to turn around and walk another hour back to town. As fortune would have it,we met an elderly gentleman who loves Americans because of our help in WWII, and he offered to help us find a taxi, as there were no buses running and we decided that we had enough of dealing with cars whisking by and of being lost. One the cab came it took us to Agde where we are to begin our walk on the Canal du Midi. But the fun didn’t stop there!

Once we were in town we found a bar that played Stevie Ray Vaughn and met a gentleman named Assan who played guitar and was really lovely to us.

We checked in to our hotel and I started to do laundry as we always do. When I moved Adam’s pants his wallet, our knife and all other kinds of things that we use everyday fell out onto the roof!!!! So, I took a coat hanger and Adam tried to fish them back in, but to no avail.

So….I got out on the roof – not actually on the roof, but hanging from the balcony and trying to not fall through the roof…..just when you think you have had a terrible day….so, when life gives you lemons add vodka…or in France add beer and have a Shandy!!!

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