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Champagne in Champagne!!!!

Heaven. I can only say Heaven. Champagne France is absolute Heaven and a dream come true!

We stayed in 2 small villages, Hautvillers and Ay and tasted as many Champagnes as we possibly could. Some were served some of the most delicious little bites, even though I have no idea what they were. We went to see Dom Perignon’s grave and the Abbey where legend has it he said “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars.” We visited Mercier in Epernay and took a train through the miles and miles of caves under ground. We met many small producers and went to some large ones too. 

In Hautvillers we stayed at the most lovely B&B La Chevalee and it was stunningly gorgeous. Our hosts were so welcoming. They are Champagne makers and make lovely wine. There are horses on the property along with the cutest dog! I would suggest staying in Hautvillers and La Chevalee to anyone visiting the Champagne region as there are so many small producers in the area that you can walk around and get a taste of each of them, and not have to drive. Most of the Champagnes in Hautevillers are not sold in the US so that makes it even more special.

Mercier in Epernay is incredible. Although some may not find this Champagne to be their favorite brand, the Caves are insane. 30 meters down in Epernay’s chalky soil you board a  little train and travel across a part of the 12 miles of long cellars. They have a fascinating history as well.

In Ay we stayed at Le Manoir des Charmes and it was absolutely gorgeous! Ivana could not have been any nicer and we loved our time at Le Manoir! They have a sweet back garden, so after our last Champagne tasting we had a little picnic. It could not be any more French. Seriously.

Just arriving in Champagne and found the perfect bottle for me! Just my size!

Champagne Grapes

Not a great photo but a fantastic place to stay!!!!

The view from our window of Hautvillers!

The most amazing Breakfast!!!

Mercier’s Champagne Cask that he made for the Worlds Fair in Paris in 1889

artsy and blurry

The underground tunnels and caves of Mercier

Oh! So!!! HAPPY!!!!!


Dom Perginon’s Tomb

In Ay at Le Manoir des Charmes

you have to have an appt so we couldn’t wak around but we did buy!!!

Always a favorite!

A fabulous new favorite and it is sold in Atlanta!

French Champagne picnic in a chair!

My new French look!

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