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Blois and Cheverny

The Loire Valley is very special. Each small town is different and we found Blois to be absolutely lovely. From the intown Chateau to the church to the fabulous, cool, hipster barbershop where Adam got his hair cut, we were so surprised at this little town every time we turned a corner. We used it as home base when we visited Chambord and Cheverny.

Chateau Cheverny lands were purchased by Henri Hurault, comte de Cheverny, a lieutenant-general and military treasurer for Louis XIII, whose descendent the marquis de Vibraye is the present owner and still lives there today. The Chateau was lost to the Crown because of fraud to the State, and was donated by King Henri II to his mistress Diane de Poitiers, However, she preferred Chenonceau and sold the property to the former owner’s son, Philippe Hurault. (Read more about Diane as she was a real piece of work!)

During the next 150 years ownership passed through many hands, and in 1768 a major interior renovation was undertaken.

A pack of some seventy dogs are kept on the grounds and are taken out for hunts twice weekly. We watched them being fed and it was absolutely incredible! They all line up, with the food right in front of them and only when the trainer tells them they can eat do they dive into the food of raw chickens (with heads) and dog food. Yum!

Here are a few photos….

Joan of Arc

The Chateau in Blois

View of Blois

Stools to sit on in the garden of the château

Queen for a Day!

I love the Gargoyles!!


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