Bathing the Elephants and Golden Buddha Statues

The next morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise and bathe the elephants!! Our guide met us and we waited for the “ladies” to come out of the forrest. Once they did, we climbed on, and took them down to the river for a little bath. We had so much fun!!!!

Once the bath was over they went on to start their day and greet some new visitors who had just arrived, but after breakfast we had not had enough of them, so Adam bought 3 bushels of bananas to feed both of our elephants. After the last banana was gone, sadly it was time for us to leave.

We drove back into Luang Prabang and went to the motorcycle rental place and rented a motorcycle to go see caves with 2500 Buddha sculptures. I have read that a monk hid these Buddha sculptures during a war for protection, but I found out that actually the local people have been bringing them here for years and years and years. We drove the bike to the Mekong River and then hired a little boat to take us over to the caves and back.

After we came back to town Adam took the bike out to see more of the town and I went to the market to shop. Amazing day!

We leave for Chiang Mai tomorrow.

#Laos #LuangPrabang

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