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Barcelona to Figures to Perpignan

Figueres is the Home of the Dali Museum and the toy Museum, and they both are incredible Dali’s work is beyond words. It is inspiring as it is creative, and of course, EXTREMELY unique!!! To have this kind of talent…..I can’t even imagine!

An instillation on the outside of the Museum

I just love these! “Lady Oscar Performing” is what I would call it!

I love this bed!

Who do you see???

Mae West.

I adore this! Just love those pearly white teeth and those Ruby lips!!

The long legged elephant.

At the Toy Museum we saw all kinds of old toys, and had fun playing with a few too!

Our friends picked us up from the train station in Perpigan and took us to have fabulous Champagne with some fabulous people, and then they took us to one of the most amazing meals I have ever had!!!

We went to an amazing restaurant with carrot fritters, foie gras, small scallops, cauliflower soup with medium poached egg and real truffles!!!! We also had a Catalan meatball dish, sardines, quinoa, a local cheese plate, and chocolate mousse with sea salt and olive oil. After this meal, I definitely will need to walk 300+ miles!

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