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12 Stages Left

Hello! I hope this finds you smiling and well! We are good and have about 12 stages left before we reach Santiago. It is bittersweet, but I know as we get closer I will be more and more ready to be there. I also say this after taking our 1st day off in 18 days in Leon. Leon was a good place to relax our feet, take a tapas tour and see the Cathedral. I had the most amazing visit there. The bells were ringing as they do on every hour, half hour, and quarter hour, but for some reason they went one for what seemed like forever as I sat inside this amazing building (see photo.) If that was not special enough, when the music from the giant organ began to play and you could feel that you were not alone in that Holy place. Leon also had a fab hotel, The Hotel Paris, that’s fee pilgrims told us about that had a spa for 5 euros or so!!! Can we say heaven? Adam and I went and got a bottle of Cava and spent 3 hours there! It was amazing! What is also amazing is what a day off at a spa will do for your feet, mind and the rest of your body! I feel like a new person! Every day I think of new things to tell you about. How walking this ancient road that created all of these towns in Spain is as amazing as it is challenging. How I discover new things about me and let go of old things daily. How I cry my eyes out one minute and the next have my breath taken away by a vista, a random act of kindness or a stork flying right overhead. These things are what really make the Camino- I just like sharing the light moments through my photos. 🙂 Lastly thank you for all of your messages. I can’t post them from the phone, but will when I get to a computer. Xx’s to you! Leigh and Adam

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