We have had a change of plans…

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain.

And what a strange and wonderful short journey we had! After getting the bike started, we headed out for TN to Chattanooga and then on to Arkansas to see the Crystal Bridges Museum. We stayed at the most fabulous little Inn, the Stone Fort Inn and the next day I finally got to Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls is an extraordinary cave with an underground waterfall that they are still a little uncertain of the source. Not to be missed, if you like caves and waterfalls and are in Chattanooga.

After our visit to Ruby Falls we had a gorgeous ride down down highway 64 when Adam noticed gasoline pouring out of the carburetor onto his leg. We pulled over onto the side of the road as we were just about to hop on the interstate. While Adam worked on the bike in the baking hot sun, I saw a sign that said Cold Beer. I thought Oh!! What I wouldn’t give for a cold beer right now! And that is when I realized the sign right next to it said Glenn’s 24 hour wrecking service!!! It was a sign from heaven and the rest is history.

Thank you Glenn, Betty and Randy for all of your help in getting us home. Now we are sitting on the water drinking Veuve Clicquot and laughing about our short but fabulous trip!!!

Until next year’s adventure!



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