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After 2 glorious days in Seville, seeing gardens, walking through castles, climbing church towers, eating more ham than 2 people should, and going to see flamenco, we have started our journey.  I am so sorry that i have not been able to post more, but this is the 1st internet cafe we have found and i only have 12 minutes left on the computer;)

what i can share with you quickly is that we are here in a small town called castilblanco, and off tomorrow to almaden, if you want to look the map.  what will take 30 minutes in a car, will probably take us about 8 hours or so.  it is incredible.

the sites of the road are amazing!!  the olive trees, the flowers, the cows and sheep, all of it is amazing!  we have met the most amazing people along the way as well.  They are so kind to the pilgrims, and it is much appreciated!!  i have taken so many photos that i will share with you here as soon as i can find another computer.

as my time is about to run out, i hope all of you all are well, and can not thank you enough for all of your well wishes.  i need them, adam needs them as he is taking such amazing care of me and my feet 🙂  i will say that this is the hardest thing that i have ever done.  the 1st day i thought i would sit in the middle of the road and just cry, but Adam started to tell me all about the amazing food that we would have when we got to the town and it definitely put a spring in my step.

please pray for us and our feet. 

sending you all so much love from the Camino!


Leigh and Adam

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