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Vietnam- Here We Come!

Wow!  It is finally here!  In 2 days we will board a plane for a 24 hour flight to Hanoi, Vietnam to begin our big three wheeled adventure on the Ho Chi Minh Trail!  I am so excited!!! It seems like only yesterday I was getting ready to walk 520 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago!  Oh how time flies.  Our bags are packed, or should I say, my small bag has been packed and repacked and repacked.  When you can only take a small duffle bag, what do you take for 5 weeks? It is a bit of a challenge! You have to keep it small and light when you are driving a Ural motorcycle with a sidecar.

Our travels are going to take us to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. I will be updating this blog much as possible from my phone, so please excuse the typos in advance.

Thank you for visiting and for keeping me and Adam in your thoughts and prayers while we are on this amazing adventure!

xxx Leigh

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