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Summer is in full swing!

Summer is here and I absolutely love it! I am in the mountains of NC and falling in love with mountain living!!!

From waking up and having coffee on the lake to meeting my neighbor who sells me “yard eggs” and is going to teach me how to pickle and can, to attending Community College for pottery, to learning how to whitewater raft – the mountains are filled with so many fabulous people and things to do!

Yard Egg & Smoked Trout Nicoise

In a Ducky, going down Nantahala Falls

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a beach girl at heart but lake livin in the mountains is really amazing.

Gorgeous waterfalls every where you turn

More amazing waterfalls!

With no TV, no cell phone service, the closest grocery 45 minutes away, and the clay studio 1 hour away, it gives me time to really think about where I want my new work to go and what I want it to look like. I have also had time to start trying to get my work in to galleries here in Western NC.

K2 Studio in Asheville is now carrying my work and I am absolutely thrilled! If you know of anyone that might also want to carry my work, please let me know.  Nimbus Lamps are coming soon!

Nimbus Egg with blue inside, named after the Rare Nimbus white Loggerhead Turtle

While I am working on that, and also going to woodturning school (blog post to follow soon) I thought I would share some of my summer adventures with you. Stay tuned for more pottery, adventure and maybe even a few trout recipes!

Sunset on the Lake

Sunset on the Lake

Happy Summer!


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