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Hoi An to Siem Reap!!!

The adventure of all adventures!!! We left Hoi An to go to the airport in Danang to fly to Laos. Once we got there had a beer and went to the gate as you do to only find out the flight has been delayed, which is a very uncommon occurrence in Vietnam. We went to get help, because now we were going to miss our connecting flight in Hanoi. (Yes this is all just routine when you travel, but it does get better) when we found out we would have to waste a day waiting for the next flights that could connect us and get us to Laos, we changed our destination to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We would only have 20 minutes to make the connection or less, but after watching 5 women work on our flight from behind the counter, looking very worried I might add, I had hope that we would make it.

When we landed in Hanoi we had an escort waiting for us to take us to another escort who quickly got us through the airport and clear security , to another escort who helped us quickly get through customs, to another escort who took us down to a car waiting on the Tarmac with flashing lights. All I could say was WOW!!! And thank you heaven!!! It was crazy!! Never would Delta ever do all of that, in less than 20 min and they made sure our bags got on the plane! Vietnamese Airlines, you have 2 new best friends in us!!!!


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