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Hello! It's Been A While!

How are you? I really hope you are well! I can't believe how much time has passed by since I wrote a blog post! I think Covid zapped me, but now I am back to creating, writing, adventuring and so excited to bring new art and tales of new travels to you and the world!

Since I last talked with you, I got my Royal Yachting Association Helmsman License to be able to drive a barge in Europe,

raised and loving on 4 chickens,

trying to develop a new body of ceramic work,

and just being grateful and celebrating all of my people.

If Covid taught me anything, it is to really appreciate the small pleasures of life. Seeing family and friends. Dinner at a restaurant. Traveling. Live music, movies. theater and so much more. Connection and showing up are my themes for 2023. Did you choose a theme for the new year?

Winter is here in Asheville. The bears are mostly sleeping, (except on trash day) the trees are barren and beautiful, and the Blue Ridge mountains have a haze of blue at most every sunset. It is a time of year that I find very reflective and perfect for looking at my work and thinking about what will be next. I love trying new glazes, making new shapes and bringing new ideas to life. I look forward to making new work and sharing it with you.

I will keep you posted on my next collection and adventures, but until then, I hope you and your people have a magical, healthy, wonderful and abundant new year.

All my love to you! XO


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