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Music, food and Paulo Coehlo

After the lovely evening of sleeping under the stars we had a gorgeous walk through Catrojeriz on our way to Boadillo del Camino. Catrojeriz is a town at the foot of a mountain in the shape of a half moon. Adam and I loved it. We found the greatest bar and had some great cookies, tortilla pie and homemade cheese! It was so amazing we did not want to leave. The owner told us that Paulo Coehlo (the author of the book that really made me desire to do this) had been in the bar and showed me their photo together. He also told us about the Knights Templar, who I have become fascinated with! They were knights that kept the pilgrims safe along the journey of the camino. Originally they were all over Europe but were killed on Friday the 13th (hence why it is a bad day if I have that right). Spain welcomed them and they had churches and all along the Camino. One of their signs is a star, now thought of as a pentagram, but was originally from the Knights…

I will tell you a little bit more as I am never sure when I will have the Internet. After leaving our new favorite bar we had to climb a mountian. With blisters like I have, it is even more of a challenge, but with music- which I have rarely listened to -except in dire emergencies, it was possible. The power of music really is incredible. So many of the songs I have heard on this trip have made me think of so many of you that are reading our blog. You really are with us iin so many ways. Between The Stereophonics singing about, if you had the chance to live your life over would you?….Beth Orton telling me that today is whatever I want it to be, Madonna, and Michael Hill’s (from MOC) amazing mixes, music has made the mountains seem easier and the blisters not so bad:) (even though they have thread through them right now.) We have now walked almost 500km and we are half way there. I can’t imagine being a pilgrim 400 years ago doing this the way that they did. I can only tell you that the olives, the wine and Cava, the food and the people- not to mention all of the gorgeous nature we are seeing and feeling apart of, this an amazing, amazing experience. Thank you for your love and sweet thoughts!!!!!!! I will try to write more and post more photos soon!

XXXXXXX to you! Leigh and Adam

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