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Luang Prabang

We flew into Luang Prabang last night to find the area covered in a smoke or smog like haze. As there are only 6 million people in the whole country we did not think it could be smog but wondered what it could be. Turns out we are here during the 3 months when all the farmers burn the old leaves and crops to get ready for the new crops, but it puts the whole area under a layer of smoke.

The full moon last night was as orange as I have ever seen the moon. It was incredible. Adam found us a place to stay and we went to find dinner. We ended up at a place that had grill it yourself kind-of thing going on (with a buffet of raw meats, tofu and seafood) yet also like a hot pot (lau) as there was a broth that you poured in as well that you cooked greens, mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic in. It was very crowded and was lots of fun. After that we walked through the night market where there were hundreds of vendor selling everything from food to silver to wooden bowls to scarves. It was huge!

After our walk there we saw a sign for the Elephant Sanctuary and asked about their tours and rates. Tomorrow we will learn how to speak, ride and drive an elephant!!!!!!



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